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Theramax Neurostimulation Electrodes

Theramax Neurostimulation Electrodes

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Theramax neurostimulation electrodes are designed to be used with transcutaneous muscle stimulation devices like Tens, EMS, and IFT units. These superior-quality electrodes provide a conductive interface between your skin and the stimulation device. 

Features a highly conductive carbon film layer that provides low-resistance stimulation. The superior hydrogel adhesive is designed to last for several applications.

Theramax electrodes are known for their durability and can be used for multiple applications on the skin.

  • Available in flexible white foam top
  • Highly conductive carbon film layer
  • Lead wire with 2mm DIN connector
  • Quality hydrogel for strong and long-lasting adhesion
  • Reusable for several applications
  • Better skin conformity
  • Excellent current dispersion
  • Very low impedance
  • Re-sealable tamper-evident bag for safe storage
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