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K-Active Tape Classic | 5cm x 5m | 6 Roll Pack

K-Active Tape Classic | 5cm x 5m | 6 Roll Pack

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K-Active classic tape is one of the best kinesiology tapes available in the market. The K-Active Classic tape is designed to be worn for several days on the skin. Its breathable elastic cotton fabric ensures best skin compatibility. Its latex-free acrylic adhesive is hypo-allergenic and is intended to reduce skin irritation and leaves no residue on the skin after use. 

  • hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive
  • best skin compatibility
  • breathable, elastic cotton fabric
  • free of pollutants
  • reliable and long-lasting
  • leaves no residue
  • fair price-performance ratio

Why settle for a cheap kinesiology tape while you have the best product that guarantees your complete satisfaction. 

Size: 50 mm x 5 m

Quantity: 6 rolls/case

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