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Airex Balance Pad Blue

Airex Balance Pad

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The AIREX® Balance-pad is an active therapy and training tool made of the famously soft AIREX® foam material.

The Balance-pad, with its smooth surface, is perfect for barefoot balance training for beginners. This Balance-pad, owing to its thickness of 6 cm, has the desirable destabilizing characteristics. The yielding foam constantly challenges the body to maintain its balance and stabilize the joints.

The exercises on this Balance-pad trigger the engagement of a greater number of deeper muscles than the exercises performed without the Balance-pad. The workout on the Balance-pad can purposefully improve both conditional and coordinative abilities, such as strength, endurance, differentiation and balance.

  • Ultimate comfort and training effect: insulating, soft, warm with excellent high destabilizing properties
  • For all kind of therapeutic and training applications
  • Physical and mental multi-functionality
  • Weather-resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Longevity
  • Hygienic: Sanitized treatment and easy to clean
  • Closed cell foam construction

Size: 48 x 40 x 6 cm


Weight: 0.7 kg


Suitable for:  Balance Training, Yoga, Pilates, Fitness