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RehabMedic PreTape
RehabMedic PreTape
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RehabMedic PreTape

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Underwrap tape made of thin polyurethane, designed to protect the skin and prevent irritation caused by repeated use of adhesive tapes or bandages.

Safe protection for the skin:
Suitable for protecting the skin before applying adhesives tapes.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, smooth and comfortable material.
  • Hand-tearable.
  • Stretchable: Highly conformable and easy to apply.
  • Porous and water resistant: Allows the skin to breathe reducing the risk of skin irritation.
  • Good adhesion between layers to reduce sliding and wrinkling.
  • Does not stick to the skin, hair or clothing
  • Allows pain-free removal of the taping.

Main Uses

  • Skin protection in all functional strapping and taping applications
  • Works as barrier between adhesive tape and the cutaneous tissue.
  • It can be applied on top of the padding layer, in orthopaedic casting to provide a smooth, compressed surface before the synthetic casting material is applied.
  • Particularly useful when creating 'windows' for inspection and for easy conversion of casts into resting splints.
  • Protects vascular and nervous areas or bony prominences.
  • As a barrier between the skin and ice applications

Size: W7cm x L27.4m (2.8” x 30 yards)