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enPuls 2.0
enPuls 2.0
enPuls 2.0
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enPuls 2.0

Radial Shockwave Therapy – Efficient. Easy to use. Mobile.

Portable Radial Shockwave therapy unit with high-energy pulses. Compressor free ballistic Radial Shockwave therapy system with electromagnetic generator as projectile accelerator. Unique soft-shot technology makes the treatment more tolerable for patients. Ideal choice for treatment of various musculoskeletal indications.

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Innovative soft-shot Technology

enPuls 2.0 generates a softshot shockwave with a relatively heavy projectile and a comparatively low impact speed. The energy is primarily generated by the volume of the pulse and not by the high amplitude and the extremely short rise characteristic of comparable compressed-air devices. The slower rise of the wave (approx. 13.5 µs) and the significantly lower peak amplitude mean that enPuls softshot does not generate the typical whiplash effect of the shockwave, which makes it easier for the patient to tolerate.

Easy to Use

The new enPuls user interface is highly intuitive and easy-to-use. All parameters are accessible through the optimally designed user interface. Colour touch-screen display make it easier to select treatment parameters.

Shockwave Applicator Hand Piece

  • Ergonomic handpiece with anodized aluminium casing and fan cooling
  • Electromagnetic shockwave generator, integrated
  • Lifetime Minimum warranty for 2,000,000 shocks
  • Applicator heads Diameters of 6 / 15 / 25 mm
  • Minimum warranty of 150,000 shocks per applicator head 
  • Weight 0.85 kg (without cable)
  • Maintenance only required when performance drops, not necessary to do at a certain amount of shocks. 

Low maintenance and long life

The special technology of the enPuls 2.0 and the softshot shock source means that the system has the lowest maintenance costs and the longest handpiece and shockwave generator service life compared to compressed-air systems.

Zimmer MedizinSysteme offers a minimum guarantee of 2.000.000 shocks per generator, corresponding to about 1-000 treatments. The generator should be replaced if there is a significant reduction in performance (shock power is reduced, misfire, etc.). This is generally noticed long after the minimum guarantee period has expired.

Technical Details

Compressor free ballistic radial shockwave therapy-system with electromagnetic generator as projectile accelerator

Power Levels / Energy

  • 60 to 185 mJ (equivalent to 1-5 bar)
  • Can be precisely set in 10 mJ intervals (depending on the frequency of 60 mJ to max. 185 mJ)


  • Frequencies from 1 to 22 Hz
  • 3 Burst modes (4 / 8 / 12 pulses)

7 preset programmes, adjustable

More than 25 illustrated preset treatment recommendations


  • Colour touch-screen for all software operations
  • Rotary control for Energy level and for frequency
  • Handpiece operation with multi-directional footswitch

Memory / Update

  • SD-card for indication menu memory
  • Favourites and adapted programmes (120 places).
  • Error log / Firmware-Update

32.2 x 23.5 x 13 cm (L/W/H)

2.7 kg (without handpiece)

made in Germany