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Airex Balance Pad Solid Royal Blue

Airex Balance Pad Solid

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Higher density balance pad from Airex.

Balance Pad Solid allows much softer stimuli due to its higher density; it is not as unstable or wobbly as all the other Airex Balance-pads.

Ideal balance training tool for senior people or therapists who want to use it already in the early course of therapy.

Recommended for use in functional training, as it can also be used to train with your shoes on.

The extensive waffle-like embossing on both sides allows a simple, even more, slip-resistant and safe therapy and training application.


High efficiency

  • Gentle unstable stimuli due to higher density in the foam composition

More safety

  • Non-slip due to unique surface texture and more weight
  • Joint and spine relief through excellent damping properties


  • Can be used Indoor, outdoor and in water
  • Can be used for functional training
  • Can be used for early therapy use
  • Ideal for light (beginner) to heavy (advanced) users
  • Sensori-motor coordination training