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Redcord Rehab Pro

Redcord Rehab Pro

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The Professional solution for Redcord exercise

The Professional solution for Redcord suspension exercise. Designed to provide a wide range of corrective exercises for the entire body, regardless of your client’s physical level. The package includes a Redcord Trainer, a selection of Redcord slings, balance cushions, and elastic cords for unloading.
  • Exercise the entire body with one piece of equipment

  • Includes a large variety of slings and accessories

  • Easy to adjust with bodyweight in the slings

Comes complete with:

1 x Redcord Trainer with straps

1 x Redcord Wide Sling

2 x Redcord Narrow Sling

1 x Redcord Split sling

1 x Redcord PowerGrip, one pair

2 x Redcord Balance

1 x Redcord Rope Release

1 x Redcord Rope, 60 cm, one pair

1 x Redcord Elastic Cord, 60 cm, black, one pair

1 x Redcord Elastic Cord, 60 cm, red, one pair

1 x Redcord Trainer Ceiling Suspension

1 x Redcord Mini/Trainer User Instructions

1 x Redcord Exercise Poster 


Standard ceiling suspension for ceiling height up to 250 cm with screws for installation in the wooden or concrete ceiling is included. Please read the User Instruction for Redcord Trainer before installation. If you have suspended ceiling or ceiling panels, you might need a different suspension system. Please contact our installation team to get the Redcord Trainer properly installed.